Artificial Grass Distribution

Artificial grass distribution by Breakwells.

If you are a company which sells or is involved in artificial grass then we can help and offer solutions for the following:-

• Container unloading – we liaise with the shipping agents and freight forwarders to arrange delivery of your container and unload it at our warehouse.

Storage – if you don’t want to take your grass straight away we can store your rolls in our custom built grass storage facility.

Cutting, Wrapping and Packing – all done in house by our trained team of grass cutters. If you store your grass with us and your customers want smaller cuts rather than full rolls, we can cut your stock to whatever size required. It is then wrapped and carefully prepared for transportation.

Artificial grass delivery by Breakwells – from our depot to any UK address. Door-to-door service. Upon receiving your orders we arrange onward delivery of the grass.

Private Deliveries

Access forms need to be completed giving us all the information we ask for so that when we call the customer a suitable delivery slot can be arranged.

When you have an account with us you can check online and monitor the progress of your load with our up-to-date online tracking system. This means that from the moment the grass is despatched from our warehouse you can see where it us, right up to the delivery point and get to see the Proof of Delivery (POD). If you would like to use our services or for further info please contact

Or call 01562 755494

We welcome you to visit us and see if we can offer you the appropriate artificial grass solution.

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