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At 9 miles by 5 miles, Jersey is the biggest of the Channel Islands in the UK. An offshore finance centre with a rugged north coast, key sights are the Durrell Wildlife Park and the thought-provoking Jersey War Tunnels, a former WWII underground military hospital. The island is just beautiful.

Shipping to Jersey

At Breakwells we provide Jersey with specialist transport services for high value goods, carpet, flooring, retail goods, ceramic goods and general fragile goods transport including artificial grass transport Jersey.

Shipping to Jersey
Freight to Jersey
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Transport to Jersey

Jersey War Tunnels is no ordinary attraction; it is a spine-chilling reminder of a dark time in Jersey’s history.

During World War II, the Crown left Jersey defenceless and the Island became occupied by German forces. Jersey War Tunnels are a product of five long years of Occupation; they bore witness to the particular cruelty of the Nazi regime.

Dug deep into the hillside by forced and slave workers from nations across Europe, the extraordinary tunnels run over 1km in length. They now contain an underground collection of thought provoking galleries that detail Jersey’s occupation history from resistance, through to starvation, and then eventual liberation.

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